About Us


To provide an environment in which curiosity and the joy of discovery and understanding motivates learning.

A place where children are encouraged to learn to question, to become involved, to live and work together, and to learn by helping one another.

To provide an atmosphere which frees the child’s potential for self development.

To help the child to discover the joys of intellectual and artistic endeavor, and to grow through activities that stimulate and fulfill individual abilities.

To provide an extended family that will enhance the well-being of the community.


The ‘whole child approach
To help each child reach his or her full potential in all areas of life. The holistic curriculum, under the guidance of a fully qualified Montessori teacher allows the child to experience the joy of learning, time to enjoy the process and ensures the development of self-esteem and provides the experiences from which children create their knowledge.
The Montessori learning environment
It is a child-centered environment where the focus is on the children's learning.
A responsive, prepared environment
The design of the environment reflects the care and attention that is given to reinforce the children's independence and the needs, interests, abilities and development of the children in the class are supported. The teachers provide the necessary resources, including opportunities for children to function in a safe and positive environment to enable them to try new things and build their self-confidence.
A focus on individual progress and development
The children have the freedom to choose their own activities and progress at their own pace, extending themselves when they are ready to move to the next step in each area of learning.
Montessori learning activities/Hands-on learning
Children learn best by direct, personal, hands-on contact with real things or concrete materials that bring abstract concepts to life which allow children to learn with a much deeper understanding.
Freedom within limits
Each class operates on the principle of freedom within limits and has its set of ground rules ,but is always on the core Montessori beliefs-respect for each other and for the environment.
Cooperation and collaboration
Montessori children are encouraged to treat one another with kindness and respect.
Montessori materials
Dr Montessori designed the Montessori learning materials to stimulate the child into logical thought and discovery. The Montessori material teaches one concept or skill at a time, is sequential and self-correcting which facilitates the learning of skills and lead to learning of abstract ideas. The Montessori Materials are simple, appealing and are carefully designed to attract children at a given level of development.
The Montessori Teacher
We believe in the importance of three things, that all work together, the child, teacher, and materials, where each part is important. The teacher is an observer, follower, and guide bringing wisdom, thoughtfulness, and experience to the child’s academic, social and intellectual exploration. The teacher establishes guidelines for work and behavior,showing how to be successful within the structure of the curriculum and the community.

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